In our dedication to serving those who serve the Church, MyCatholicVoice works with dioceses and other Catholic organizations to help them integrate today’s technology to communicate with their parishioners and members more effectively.

Technology is rapidly changing.

It can be very difficult to determine which technologies will work best for your needs, or how to go about selecting the right vendor. If you know just what technology you need, you’re not sure what the best way is to implement it or how to reap the greatest positive impact.

We understand. And we’re here to help.

MyCatholicVoice can help you navigate the right technology path for your diocese or organization. With unique expertise in both ministry and technology, we work closely with you to uncover your needs and deliver the right solution with the most effective technology.

MyCatholicVoice has developed proprietary tools and platforms that can be reused and configured to suit your needs.  Services based on our technology solutions include:

  • Turn-key and custom Digital Resource Centers
  • App, applet, widget, IOS and Android solutions
  • Outsourced or shared services with other clients
  • Custom branded live streaming portals

Contact us today to determine if we might support your unique requirements.