Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA

Focus: Spiritual Resiliency: “AMS Catholic Faith Deployed”

The Challenge

The challenge for Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio, J.C.D. is unprecedented.  How do you provide for the spiritual care, connect with, and create community for 1.8 million Catholics, serving globally, in an archdiocese on which the sun never sets?  Add in a few other challenges, like being deployed to combat zones, serving underway on ships, dealing with restricted or unavailable Internet access, and supporting Catholic chaplains tasked to minister to other faiths in interfaith environments while maintaining their Catholic identity.  And to round it out, develop these resources for a home mission diocese without parishes and the typical Sunday collections that territorial dioceses rely upon.

The Solution

AMS Catholic Faith DeployedMyCatholicVoice teamed with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA to utilize what is nearly ubiquitous and already in the hands of nearly every soldier – their Smartphone.  Collecting generous donations of the best Catholic content for personal inspiration for those in military settings from MyCatholicVoice publisher partners, MyCatholicVoice created “AMS Catholic Faith Deployed”, a multi-platform app with fresh monthly updates of content downloaded when Internet access is available. This is no simple app. A number of unique and distinct features respond to these spiritual challenges:

  • An integrated content management system allows publishing – and downloading of free updates of video, audio, and other content without the requirement of going through app store approvals.
  • A patent pending “inspiration server” provides images and quotes according to the liturgical and secular calendar – bringing sources of beauty, art, and image and word for personal reflections to hearts in the desert.
  • A “live stream portal” the AMS uses to bridge nomadic lifestyles to a community of care, providing:
    • Live Entertainment Events (John Angotti Advent and Christmas Concert, for example)
    • Catechetical Training Seminars
    • Live Streamed Masses
    • World Youth Day, National Catholic Youth Conferences, and other global and national events
  • Monthly updates of Bible Studies, Catholic Heroes, 3 Minute Video Retreats, Daily Prayer, Catholic Humor, and personal meditations aids
  • Integrated web services to the AMS Digital Media Center for access and personal download, viewing and saving of a rich repository of faith formation resources – for families, youth, children and young adults
  • Embedded repository of Catholic Prayers, Military Prayers and Saints and other particular resources to support military spiritual care

The Results

Never before has the generosity of Catholic publishers been tapped to make their content freely available to so many in need.  The profound spiritual care requirements of those charged with the “ministry of peace and security” are beginning to be met with urgent and essential sacred aids that seemingly disappear in deployed locations.  Catholic chaplains, once without resources, now have wider access to the wealth of content available to others.

“We began this challenge with a request to provide prayers and a desire to digitally connect this global archdiocese.  MyCatholicVoice listened to our needs and then stretched our thinking with digital capabilities beyond our imagination.  Together we are implementing the new evangelization in ways that transform the user by providing those far from home an engagement with the community of faith that encourages ongoing conversion.  This platform supports the ministry of our Catholic chaplains and actively involves Catholics in the military to develop both their personal and communal discipline for prayer and the sacraments.   The Archdiocese is grateful to the technical expertise of MyCatholicVoice that supports our mission everyday to better serve those who serve.”

Dr. Mark Moitoza, D.Min.
Vice Chancellor for Evangelization
Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA